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Pearl Media

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363 Rt. 46 West
Suite 260
Fairfield, NJ 07004
PEARL MEDIA is a non-traditional out-of-home media company that specializes in converting vacant storefronts and distinctive real estate assets into unique, vibrant, interactive out-of-home experiences.

Pearl Media provides advertisers with a unique experience to interact with pedestrians and vehicular traffic on the busiest street corners in America.


Located at street level, these high impact displays offer a fantastic opportunity to engage foot and vehicle traffic. These units can be equipped to allow truly unique and innovative campaigns to be placd onto the streets in the very heart of the consumer domain.


Pearl Media utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology to bring your wildest and craziest ideas face to face with pedestrians on the street. To see our different technical options and create a Streetscape of your own, click here.


PEARL MEDIA has some of the largest and most unique WallScapes and building wraps in key markets throughout the country. The units that house these large, bold and unique advertisments are exclusive to Pearl Media and offer an unprecedented level of coverage and advertising scale to our clients.


Pearl Media is bringing you a new, affordable and innovative opportunity to promote your brand with our fleet of over 150 soft-serve ice cream trucks located throughout NYCs busiest locations. These trucks are now the largest street-furniture you can find, bigger than both bus shelters & phone kiosks! You choose the locations, the number of trucks to wrap and the length of your campaign, and Pearl Media will handle the rest and deliver to you a turn-key, targeted execution. This is feel-good marketing at its best - everybody loves ice cream!!!
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